New Clubhouse Opening Hours

We have reopened the clubhouse partially for limited opening hours, with those hours based around the highest rugby-based footfall through the club. Those hours are currently 6:30pm-10pm on a Thursday evening and 9:30am-1pm on a Sunday, with some potential Saturday opening depending on whether there is any modified rugby activity taking place.

We will be offering our usual fayre of beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks, along with teas, coffees, hot chocolate and confectionary.

However, please remember that all of the rules and regulations regarding hospitality venues need to be adhered to at all times to avoid potential sanctions against you as individuals and us as a club.

Those rules have been communicated extensively across every media platform, but as a reminder of the main ones – masks (or face coverings) to be worn on entry and exit and any movement around the building, table service only, discrete groups of a maximum of 6 people, etc. We are operating a manual track and trace system where we will keep data for the required period of 21 days, and we are also displaying our QR code for use with the NHS tracking app.

We know that this is very different to the normal experience of having a social beer in a rugby clubhouse, but they are necessary under current regulations. We hope that members will still support the club during those limited opening hours, otherwise we may have to review our current plans to make the most effective economic decisions in difficult trading conditions.