2nd pitch update

During the period of lockdown, Luke Trescothick and his team (socially distanced!!) have been hard at work to improve the drainage on the notorious 2nd pitch. 

Way back in March, Luke did an autopsy on the pitch on the advice of RFU groundsmen, this included CCTV drain survey, taking soil samples and a general survey of the geographical landscape and this was his findings;

• Poor topsoil coverage
• Stones near the surface
• Very dry in the summer
• Past remedial works have made parts of the pitch too sandy
• No secondary drainage
• Soakaway is quickly overwhelmed
• Compaction of the soil
• Poor percolation

The solution was determined to basically to alleviate the compaction with a sward lifter, upgrade the soak away with a new attenuation tank, link the diagonal pitch drains with new channels to help cross pitch drainage and replace topside and reseed in the worst areas to improve these areas.

The first excavation was to accommodate the attenuation tank, we then excavated the soakaway that would serve as the overflow for the tank. 40 tons of clean stone was then wrapped in membrane in the new soakaway and then a new trench was then excavated to link the pitch drainage to the new tank using a 225mm diameter pipe.

Meanwhile another team cut new drains in the pitch to link the existing drains. In the worst areas the topsoil was removed at least 80 tons of it! The new drains were filled with clean stone and wrapped in membrane. The existing drains were relined. 

This picture shows the reinforced concrete tank being readied to be lifted in and it’s concrete roof, the load weighed just under 14 tons with the tank weighing 7.5 tons alone we needed an 18ton crane.

The tank was then concreted in and a ring of blocks added so the pipes could shoot over the edge and the soakaway was then covered over. 

Works have been successfully carried out of club funds and the pitch has coped very well with the recent heavy down pours. There may need to be other small remedy works next spring, however the winter will be the real test and it should be playable for all of the season. 

A massive thanks to the following who helped the club on this project:


Martin Luscombe and Peter Dodson

Matt Pooley

Luke Rowe

Ross Denning

Ian Trescothick also for use of a tipper

Cornish concrete products, Richard Tatlow for the tank and the roof

Callestick ice cream, for providing tipping space, senior player Sam Parker

First team captain Ross Denning for use of a tractor, machinery and driver

A big thanks to our principle contractor R.J Trevail, Matt and Bobby Trevail providing groundwork’s materials and plant hire and a big thank you to their  operator senior player Ben Kemp

Acland plant hire haulage and arranged the crane

Aggregate industries Redruth, Andy Wilson

And especially Luke Trescothick who organised the whole project.

Hopefully we should have the pitch back in action for September.