Fri 03 Jul 2020 21:51

Hello One and All 

In these testing times, we trust you’re all keeping well, staying safe and following the government advice.

At Truro Rugby Club, we care about one and all of our members and their extended families. We want to let you know that if you’re at home self-isolating, maybe you just can’t get out, some of you may be key workers and are struggling to get supplies… we are here to help you.

If you need a helping hand, please email Tim, our safeguarding officer, and we will be in touch.

Club members that can help out, please keep an eye out for our senior members and check they are OK.

Please don’t forget, if you have some free time and are at a loose end “Your NHS needs YOU – Join the NHS Volunteer Responders”

Join the Volunteer Responders

One final ask, can we remind everyone, please stay away from Truro Rugby Club. The pitches and grounds are closed to everyone, apart from the car park which is for Health Care Transport only.

Please stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong and shout if you need help,

Carl Price, TRFC Chairman / TRFC Board of Directors

The RFU has announced a national roadmap to support a return to community rugby activity. This roadmap consists of six stages, Stage A relating to individual training with one other person, moving through to Stage F when there can be a return to competitive matches against other teams

Truro RFC Communication Newsletter May 1st 2020

Introduction – Truro RFC Update – General

It has been 4 weeks since the publication of our previous membership communication, so the Board feel that it is appropriate to provide you all with an update on goings on at the club in this period of lockdown.

1 of 3 – Truro RFC Update – Social / Welfare

The first item on any agenda should always be Health & Safety related, so we trust that you, your families, your friends, your colleagues and everyone that you know or care about are all remaining safe and well.

As a reminder, please remember that if there are any of our members who seek assistance in any way, and they do not have other support infrastructure around them, then please get in touch. Of course, that goes for any time, and not just during the current period of restrictions.

Please do not be afraid to get in touch with the club through direct contact with anyone you have details for, or alternatively contact our safeguarding officer, who can be contacted on this email address –

As Captain Tom Moore “sang” in his recent no.1 collaboration with Michael Ball, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, a song so apt for his amazing achievements in raising £30M for the NHS Charities whilst approaching his 100th birthday, and a song so apt for many people who find themselves in isolation.

The NHS is performing incredibly under the most demanding of circumstances, but they have needed help through volunteers, sponsorships, donations and other resources.

We can announce that Truro RFC is also doing their bit to help the NHS as we have been selected as a site for Coronavirus / CV-19 testing. The site has been set up and will be operational from Saturday 2nd May. This will not just be a pitch up and test site, but by referral only, and access / control will be extremely strict during the hours of operation (7 days/week, 0900 - 1700 hrs). We are delighted that Truro RFC can, by association, be part of the army fighting this virulent disease.

In the meantime, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE KIND, stay fit, stay healthy, STAY SAFE.

2 of 3 – Truro RFC Update – Rugby

As you will have been made aware from the previous communication(s), despite the season being brought to a premature end by the CV-crisis, the RFU saw sense to use points averaging to determine our final league standings. The result was Truro being promoted out of the Cornwall / Devon league back into the Western Counties West league for the 2020/21 season. The final table for the Cornwall / Devon league is as shown to the right.

Before we leave 2019/20 behind, however, the Annual Awards Dinner was due to be held on Thursday 7th May, ahead of the WWII Victory public holiday on Friday 8th May. The dinner will, for obvious reasons, not be going ahead as planned, but perhaps that is the perfect time for as many of our membership as possible to celebrate the club as a whole and, of course, to remember those members and supporters we lost their lives through this past season (“to absent friends”).

Thursday evenings have, of course, become synonymous with thanking the NHS and key workers for everything they have done and are doing. That is a given, and this is in no way suggesting Truro RFC are anywhere near to being on a par with the NHS, or Captain Tom for that matter, but for anybody wishing to celebrate the Truro RFC family then the suggestion for Thursday 7th May is as follows:

20:00 – Clap for Carers - thank them for everything have done and are doing

20:05 – Raise a glass for Truro RFC - past achievements; the future; absent friends

Why not send/post a picture of how you celebrate all that is great about Truro RFC?

Next season, we will be locking horns with other local rivals such as Falmouth, Penryn and Wadebridge, and are delighted that our coaches will be continuing their commitment to the club. The playing squad remains strong and, in fact, has already been strengthened by some new signings. I am sure there are already some rumours doing the rounds, but more will be communicated closer to the new season’s start… whenever that will be as and when lockdown restrictions get lifted.

Work on the pitches is an allowable activity at the club, in fact work on the main pitch has already started, to enable Truro RFC to be rugby ready on the restart.

However, in the meantime, can we remind everyone that the club and grounds at St. Clement’s Hill remain out of bounds, and that all group rugby / training activity is strictly prohibited, especially with the setting up of the CV-19 testing station.

3 of 3 – Truro RFC Update – Governance / Finance / Business

As previously advised, the Board had reviewed various projections of forward looking cashflow(s) based upon a number of different scenarios and we have a strong belief that we are in a strong position to survive as a club and as a business through this CV-19 crisis. We are probably in a far stronger position than many clubs in the county/region. Of course, we hope that all clubs will survive - regionally, national and internationally - but our first priority is for Truro RFC.

Many of you will also have heard various communications through the daily announcements and press meetings provided by the UK Government, and the help and support available for individuals, small businesses, and wider.

As all operations are currently shut down, including all rugby and normal clubhouse / social activity, Truro RFC has made the decision to furlough all staff on the club’s payroll. As a result, the club is recompensed up to 80% of all payroll costs associated with the employment of those people, currently through to the end of June. That claim under the Job Retention Scheme was already part of our cashflow projections.

Also, as assistance to small businesses under the CV-19 relief, the club has also been eligible for a cancellation of business rates for 2020/21 as well as potentially be in receipt of a local government grant. The business rates assumption had been built into the cashflow projections, and now confirmed. The grant has also now been confirmed and, in fact, received, and was outside of the projections. This is therefore a bonus over and above previous expectations, and will provide a further cushion to help ensure the club’s survival through the period of restriction.

With regards our AGM, normally held in late June, we may hold that as a virtual AGM or look to defer to a later date, yet to be determined. We had also proposed to hold a “return to normal” social event as soon as it is practical and safe to do so. A possible solution may be that the social event could also incorporate the AGM (before the party starts), making it the best attended AGM in Truro RFC’s history.

Whilst we’re sure that everyone is at home enjoying life with direct families, we also look forward to being able to share some time with the wider Truro RFC family, whenever that will be.

In the meantime, if there are any queries, please contact the club through the contact details on its website and we will endeavour to answer them ASAP.

Truro RFC and it's family helping the community

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TRFC Dinner 

As Truro RFC's Annual Awards / Dinner & Dance evening, due to be held at The Alverton Manor on 7th May, have been postponed / cancelled, here's all the speeches (with no awards) all wrapped up in one on our new YouTube Channel.

Truro RFC YouTube

Truro RFC 1st XV Promotion Confirmed 03/04/20

Final league tables for the 2019/20 season were published by the RFU at 6pm on Friday 3rd April, based upon an extrapolation of how the tables stood when the season was brought to a premature end by Covid-19.

It has now been confirmed that Truro 1st XV have been promoted as champions of the Tribute Cornwall/Devon league.

TRFC, along with Paignton in second place, will return to Western Counties West for the 2020/21 season.

Congratulations to both teams, especially Truro of course. Well done to the players and coaches for the season's achievements, and (once again) thanks to all those who have supported them along the way in any capacity, and we look forward to receiving that same support when rugby restarts.

Re: Covid-19 Virus / New Coronavirus Update 12pm, Sunday March 29th 2020

Following the RFU decision on March 16th to suspend all rugby activity in England at all levels

until April 14th 2020, they have now updated that to announce that the 2019/20 rugby season in
England has now been brought to a premature conclusion. That directive goes for all league, cup
and county rugby across the country, with the only current exception being the English
Premiership where discussions are still in progress.

The directive covers all active rugby participation, and therefore any playing or training
activities, either at Truro RFC or elsewhere under the Truro RFC banner are strictly prohibited.

Also, the governmental recommendation, in order to restrict the spread of the Covid-19 virus, was to follow social distancing advice and avoid gatherings in pubs, clubs, theatres, restaurants, etc. Truro RFC had already made the pro-active and responsible decision to close the grounds and clubhouse until further notice, covering all rugby and social based activity, as well as any other organised events and meetings. Closure of pubs, etc, has now become government directive..

The safety of all our players, supporters and connected families is our first priority, as well as
anybody who uses the Truro RFC facilities in any capacity, and we would like to offer all of those
who are affected our heartfelt wishes and a very speedy recovery.

As the situation develops, we will let all stakeholders know, with any updates to be posted as
frequently as possible on the Truro RFC website and across social media platforms.

The Alverton Manor Hotel have also followed social distancing recommendation and, as a result,
the planned end of season awards dinner, previously scheduled for Thursday 7 th May, has also
been postponed.

Once normality is resumed, hopefully we will be able to organise a suitable gathering at the club
to mark the occasion.



2019-20 Season March 20th 2020

The RFU have announced, on March 20th , that the 2019/20 rugby season in England has now
been brought to a premature conclusion. That directive goes for all league, cup and county
rugby across the country, with the only current exception being the English Premiership where
discussions are still in progress.

As you are aware, the 2019/20 season has been a very successful one, both on and off the pitch.
 The 1 st XV have elevated themselves into a commanding lead at the top of their
Cornwall/Devon League, as well as reach the Cornwall Clubs cup semi-final (unplayed).
 The 2 nd XV has been re-established with interested numbers growing, despite the number
of fixtures being hampered by the weather.
 Touch rugby has seen growth to record numbers playing on a regular basis.
 Female rugby has been introduced at a youth level and re-introduced at a senior level.
 The Colts XV have seen huge numbers registered, and a successful playing season, firmly
establishing themselves in the upper echelons of Colts rugby in Cornwall.
 The youth age groups have continued to promote active community sports engagement
and development from childhood into young adult with excellent playing numbers
registered with TRFC.

All of the above has been achieved through an army of dedicated people – the players (of
course), coaches, parents, medics/physios, volunteers, supporters, staff, committee(s),
sponsors, board of directors – everyone. A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL INVOLVED.

The consequences of the early season’s end are yet to be determined at the 1st XV level, and
will not be published until April (at the earliest). The chance of a first cup final appearance for 16
years has disappeared as all cups will be abandoned. What happens to the league? Sensible and
pragmatic decision making will still see the team promoted, but will we have to wait and see.

The economic consequences that a complete shutdown of various activities will have due to
Covid-19 are devastating and, no doubt, we will also see a significant impact on businesses,
whether they be huge multinationals or small community businesses such as Truro RFC Ltd.

Balance sheets will be tested, for sure, and difficult decisions will have to be made for some
companies’ survival. We believe Truro RFC is well placed to survive the shutdown period, with
appropriate and timely actions, all of which will need to be addressed as more is known.

Upon resumption of “normality”, we will need the support of all those people mentioned above
to help “re-boot” the club and keep it on the upward trajectory achieved during 2019/20.


In the meantime, please BE RESPONSIBLE and stay fit, stay healthy, STAY SAFE.

Yours sincerely

Carl Price,

Truro RFC Chairman / Truro RFC Board of Directors

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