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Truro RFC Communication Newsletter                     January 4th 2021

Following swiftly on the heels of yesterday’s communication update, in light of the increased acceleration of CV-19 infection rates it will have escaped nobody’s attention that the country will once again be entering a full national lockdown from 00:01 on January 5th 2021.

National lockdown measures effectively means a stay-at-home order with just very few legal exceptions to that order.

As such, all community sporting activity including, unfortunately, all rugby activity below Premiership level is once again suspended.

Previously planned local “cluster” leagues which were due to commence on 16th January will no longer start on that date. Whilst they remain subject to review, clearly there is no amended date towards which we, as TRFC, or the wider sport as a whole can look forward to.

One of the permitted activities for leaving home is for exercise, but that is for individual exercise only and most certainly is not permissible for collective activities such as group rugby training of any sort.

Once again, this is not the news anyone wants to hear but, given the current environment we all find ourselves in, it is an unfortunate necessity.

Needless to say that the club and clubhouse returns to full lockdown mode, with no activities of any kind for the foreseeable future

As I have said before, I am proud of the way that TRFC and its entire membership has handled itself throughout these difficult times, and I am sure that everyone will continue to be totally responsible through these extended restrictions.

Of course, the roll out of vaccinations across the country remains a pillar of hope such that we may still get something out of the season but, in the meantime, we have the responsibility to – “stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives”.

If you need any assistance of any manner, or have any questions that you wish to raise, please either do so through personal communication channels, through an email to your safeguarding support ( or the general Truro RFC contact email (

Carl Price, Truro RFC Chairman / Truro RFC Board of Directors

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