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Truro RFC Communication Newsletter                December 1st 2020

Introduction – Truro RFC Update – General

As the country emerges out of enforced hibernation following the 2nd national lockdown at 00:01 on 2nd December, and given Cornwall’s special status as being under “Tier 1” restrictions, it’s also time for the latest news from Truro RFC.

1 of 3 – Truro RFC Update – Social / Welfare

I trust all of our membership has been acting sensibly and responsibly under this most recent national lockdown. As we slowly peek from under that safety blanket, I guess that, given the relatively low incident and infection rates in Cornwall, indications are that we have all done our bit towards keeping the lid on the transmission of this virus.

Of course, just because we are fortunate to be in a part of the country that has not seen major peaks in the viral impact, that does not necessarily mean that we have been completely unaffected.

Spare a thought for those around you who may have been impacted by the virus itself, or the impact the economic lockdown may have had on the pockets on our members and their families, plus also the impact that lockdown and restrictions may have had on the mental health of those less fortunate than yourselves.

Our message remains consistent with previous communications in that the Club and its Board are there to help anyone within the TRFC “family” who feels they need it, so please remember the point of contact remains our safeguarding officer –

As Cornwall is one of the only places in the country that is to re-open under the less strict “Tier 1” restrictions, the clubhouse will also re-open under limited hours. The proposal is that it will be open on Thursday evenings from 6:30pm to 10pm, Saturdays if there is any on field activity, and Sundays to provide facilities for those supporting the youth, girls and ladies training activities.

The clubhouse will also remain open for the afternoon of Sunday 6th December to show the England v France finale of the Autumn Nations Cup.

All clubhouse activity will be under the strict guidance of Tier 1 Covid rules.

2 of 3 – Truro RFC Update – Rugby

With the country coming out from full national lockdown restrictions, sport is also permitted to recommence, with some exciting news for grassroots rugby.

Pre lockdown #2, the community game was held at stage D of a 6 stage (A to F) return to the full game, which allowed for adapted matches under the Ready4Rugby banner (a kind of modified touch). The RFU has just announced, however, that they have received Government’s approval of a return to 15-a-side contact rugby, albeit with some adaptations (e.g. no scrums, no mauls), although tackling and rucks will be permitted. Full details will be released soon.

Whilst not yet the full game, this is progress. It will be good for the spectator, it will be good for the player, and ultimately it will be good (actually, essential) for the sport at the community level, before generations are lost to the game forever.

Friendly matches under the new contact format will be permitted from 18th December, and clubs can start to train towards this new form immediately.

Although there is no formal league rugby to be played in the 2020/21 season, Cornwall RFU had taken proactive steps to place its member clubs into clusters of teams to allow some sort of local competition as soon as any nod was given by the RFU / Government. Whilst those games will not count towards any promotions, relegations or silverware, I am sure when they start, they will be highly contested.

Truro 1st XV have been placed in a cluster along with Bude, Falmouth, Pirates Amateurs, Saltash and Veor. The second XV’s cluster will be with Camborne 2nd XV, Falmouth 2nd XV, Penryn 2nd XV, Pirates Amateurs 2nd XV and Redruth 2nd XV.

Along with the clustered league competition, it is hoped that some sort of cup competition will also take place between all of the registered CRFU clubs, and it is most likely that such a competition would take place at the very end of the season.

We await further instruction and information regarding any potential for competitive structure to ladies, colts and / or youth (boys and girls) rugby.

One area granted full post-lockdown go-ahead is touch rugby under our Truro Trojans banner where training takes place from 6:30pm every Wednesday at the club.

3 of 3 – Truro RFC Update – Governance / Finance / Business

One of the inevitable consequences of lockdown and playing restrictions on grassroots and local sports is the limitation that has on the top line income of such clubs. Whilst being left with ongoing running costs that, of course, also puts a strain on bottom line profitability but, more importantly, cashflow.

Much has been written about the pressure certain sports are under given the above, and more recently the government announced a substantial assistance package to various sports played up and down the country. The total amount of that assistance package is valued at £300M of which £135M is earmarked for rugby union. Of that, some £23M is currently set to be allocated to clubs below Championship level. Those sums are likely to be largely distributed to clubs on an “as needed” basis and are also most likely to be largely composed of low-interest loan schemes rather than one-way gifts or grants.

With our strong governance and close financial scrutiny, it is hoped that Truro RFC will not be one of the clubs on the “as needed” list, but it is good to see that there continues to be governmental support to assist should the requirement arrive.

This has been mentioned before, but the Board would like to thank all those who have supported the club to date through this difficult time. As vaccine technology advances, we all have to hope that there is light finally starting to glimmer at the end of this very long tunnel, and some semblance of normality is getting closer.

Plans for a long term vision of clubhouse developments, aimed at fundamentally changing the members’ and visitors’ experience in the future, continue to progress, and we will update the membership when we have more news on this.

We still do not know whether crowds will be allowed to attend the Six Nations in February / March 2021, or even if the event could possibly be postponed until later in 2021. Once again, members and sponsors will be updated accordingly when we know more ourselves from the RFU.

As a final note, we intend to hold a second “mega” 100 Club draw just prior to Christmas, so good luck to all the members of that particular lottery.

In the meantime, if there are any queries, please contact the club through the contact details on its website and we will endeavour to answer them ASAP.


Carl Price, Truro RFC Chairman / Truro RFC Board of Directors

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