Message from Neil McKay Truro RFC Youth Chair 2022-23

New Season Youth Rugby Information

Dear All, 

As the Vice Chair (Youth) for Truro RFC it is with great pleasure that I welcome you all to the Truro RFC 22/23 season. Whether you are a returning player or new to the club, I hope you will enjoy the season, for which the Youth Section starts on Sunday the 4th September. 

With covid restrictions removed we are hoping for a full season for all the players moving into a hugely exciting time. The #oneclub strategy has really begun to gain momentum. With growth in all areas of the club from U7s upwards, touch, girls rugby and both mens and ladies senior teams. As you may have noticed – the changing room rebuild and new stand is well underway – with huge changes happening to the facilities and hoping to be open for use in the next few weeks.

As part of this, the board have been very lucky to secure “whole club” sponsors – who are providing full new match kits to all teams – from U7s to senior men. The sponsors have also kindly donated funds to provide a training kit bundle to every registered youth player. This will contain a Thunder top, T shirt, shorts, socks and a kit bag. This kit should be handed out to keep at the club day towards the end of September and once players are fully affiliated members.

Our aim as the Youth Committee, will be to work with all the players and volunteers of the Club to build further on the success and strengths of Truro RFC. 

For the 2022/23 season:

The Youth Section Committee roles are as follows. 

Contact details for the above and the individual age group managers are available on the club website Truro Rugby Club

Sam Whitfield remains in charge of all things clubhouse related – from bookings, parties, events and everything in between. She has done an amazing job rejuvenating the place and is always a welcoming presence. She can contacted via  Email to Truro Rugby Club.

Individual membership costs for 2022/23 season remains at £100.00, with no additional  youth match fees and free match day entry to all senior home games for the member and  two parents. Additional siblings are then £60 per player within the same family. These fees  cover the facilities, training, equipment and match day food, as well as RFU insurance. 

We will be using the grass pitches at the club mainly, but also have regular slots on the all  weather 4G pitch at Truro College 

Fees are to be paid via GMS (the RFU Game management system) - having progressed over to this last year, this season has a new link. Known as “affiliation” On re-registering -  the parent logs in, checks all of the contact / emergency details for the player is correct -  and then you “affiliate” to TRFC. This lets the RFU know who you play for, but also then links into the national database for coaching, experience, player growth over their career. 



All existing members should receive an invite to “affiliate” soon - it is open from August and this can then link in with you settling the subscription etc 

Additionally new players to rugby can come and try the game for three training weeks (no matches) to see if they like it before paying, however they must sign a registration document before they take part in any activities. 


For those without internet access the payment can still be done via debit/credit card or by BACS transfer to the club during the first 3 weekends of the season 

The club supplies matchday kit through our "One Club" Sponsorship programme to everyone who purchases a full membership, this includes top, shorts, socks and kit bag.

Additional kit can be obtained from VX3 club shop;

Truro RFC Kit Shop

A word about Data: In line with current Data Protection Laws GDPR you can view Truro  RFC Data Protection Policy by following the link; GDPR

Safeguarding: We hope everyone has an enjoyable and fun time when visiting Truro Rugby  Club and playing rugby whether it is home or away. Our appointed Safeguarding Officer  Tim Brocklebank is the first point of contact if you have any concerns about welfare or  safety of your child. To view our policies please click on the link Safeguarding

Once again a very warm welcome to the 2021/22 season and most importantly for all our  young players, parents, Coaches and Managers alike, remember the core values of rugby  are; TEAMWORK, DISCIPLINE, SPORTSMANSHIP, RESPECT, ENJOYMENT and HAVE FUN! 

Kindest regards, 

Neil McKay 

TRFC Youth Club Chair 

T: 07792168999 E:


Mini Juniors welcome to Season 2022/2023                                   


Tim Brocklebank

TRFC Club Safeguarding Officer – Here to help you…


Safeguarding - Good decisions, thinking calmly


Thank you for assisting us with the DBS checks. We are closely tracked by the RFU on our DBS tracker and put simply if a coach or volunteer does not have a valid DBS they cannot engage with the children (anyone under 18). This seems at times a tick box exercise, but it is there to safeguard the children.


I have recently received further news from the RFU that all applicants for a DBS (including a renewal) have to complete the RFU’s elearning introduction safeguarding training course prior to any DBS application. This is accessed by via GMS and is found at


The headcase online course must also be completed by all coaches please. It only takes a few minutes. See RFU website for details.


A plea for 2022/2023 :


The vast majority of weekends pass by with wonderful fun for the children but each year we have a small number of “situations” within an age group or in relation to another team. We try to handle these as best we can and may I just ask that we stick to the following process/MO:

  • If you have a safeguarding concern please discuss it within your age group and with your coaches or manager as necessary. If you feel it can be resolved within your age group and the management of your age group are happy with the outcome then the matter can be closed. (Age group)
  • If you feel that you need support from myself with the situation then please do contact me. We do need a full understanding of the issues. We will work with you to find a resolution. (TRFC)
  • If the matter is not resolved by us or as a group and we feel it needs to go further then we will discuss it with the TRFC Chairman and propose a next step communication to take it to the CRFU.
  • Finally, in liaison with the CRFU if the situation requires it we will take it to the RFU.

Please can I ask that we follow this process above.


Please can I offer some additional points that have risen over the recent couple of years:

  • By escalating matters prematurely the risk of longer lasting damage to the game and the intent of the game increases immeasurably; it is easy to lose sight of the reason for children to be on that pitch – having fun and enjoying rugby.
  • Rightly or wrongly the linesman/touch judge in junior rugby is not a match official and does not act as such. The referee is the only official. There are moves to look at this but as of September 2022 nothing has been changed so far.
  • An adult, be it a coach/manager or parent, should not remonstrate with the referee. It is difficult when our child is injured in front of us, it is so easy for the red mist to descend! But better outcomes come from calm discussion.
  • Sometimes the issue of potential litigation is raised. If any coach, regardless of side, has a concern as to the well-being of their players then they have a duty of care to remove those players from the field of play or potentially harmful environment. If that involvement continues then the designated responsible adult couldbe perceived as condoning the harmful activity….so please see the next point….
  • I have witnessed a situation where, due to repeated and dangerous behaviours by an opposition player or players, this has been discussed at half time with the referee and that repeated and dangerous behaviour has continued in the second half. There does come a time when in discussion with your other coaches/manager and parents attending that you may decide to call your players off the pitch and take them away. This is most definitely an action of last resort and I encourage you to discuss calmly with the opposition coaches and the referee your concerns and try your best to find common ground before that button is pressed. Such an action should be reported to me formally with details.
  • It is axiomatic of the game that our game of rugby is competitive. But fundamentally it’s all about fun for everyone, including volunteers from grass roots through to County. No-one gets it perfect, yet we seem very quick to berate someone for being simply human. From experience, very few coaches or refs deliberately set out to pervert the laws of the game. Yes, coaches may bend them until the ref notices or players may deliberately stray off side to gain an advantage, but cynical manipulation of a game is rare and thankfully pretty obvious. 
  • Laws of the game change with undue regularity so it is hard to keep pace with the laws from all sides of the coin and this is exacerbated with the Age Group provisions. So the scope for error is extremely high. Do we berate a 10 year old for knocking on? I am sure we dont. We will probably let out a gasp of despair but not berate them. Why is it not the same level of indulgence and compassion for referees and coaches who are unpaid volunteers doing what they do for the love of the kids and the game? 
  • As a society we seem less able to resolve differences of opinion amicably and have, at times, lost the ability to demonstrate respect for other people’s point of view or perspective.
  • We need to remember or reconnect with what it’s all about and actively demonstrate mature and respectful behaviours when engaged in this wonderful sport.

Thank you for taking the time to read this note. I am trying to offer these points so all volunteers can make good decisions in their involvement in this contact sport of rugby.